Direct Selling, Network Marketing, and Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing are a synonym of Direct Selling.

This means a person gets compensated for his effort and for the effort of the people he recruits.

Recruiting members into a company is an essential part of Network Marketing and Direct Selling.

When a person recruits people into their team, this is also referred to as a downline.


Positive Side Of Multi-Level Marketing “MLM”

People join network marketing companies to make money.

The amount you can earn depends on many factors.

  • The people you know
  • Amount of followers
  • Company compensation plan
  • Amount of time you are willing to put into the business

These are just a few factors that come into play when trying to build a MLM business.

The truth is many people have become millionaires from online home based businesses.

No wonder Network Marketing is getting so much popularity today with Social Media.

  • There is a small amount of risk
  • Most companies require small investment to begin
  • Residual Income (Money Month After Month)
  • Unlimited Income Potential (No Cap)
  • No Employees
  • Attainable Freedom

Freedom, Money to travel, and Time to be with the Family, isn’t that what everyone is looking for?

Well it is all possible through Affiliate Marketing  MLM


Negative Side of Direct Selling Network Marketing

Pyramid Scheme, Scam

Now that I grabbed your attention, let me tell you that this is the most common way people see Network Marketing.

The reason most people fail in network marketing is because they lack the drive.

Just because you joined a home based business doesn’t mean you are going to get rich by sitting in the couch.

Building a direct selling business is like building any other business.

It takes hard work, then more hard work, then more, and eventually after all the hard work you will start seeing the beauty.


I believe the hardest part about any Multi Level Marketing Company is Recruiting.

Bringing people into the business with the same driven mentality and willing to work hard is in itself very HARD.

That is why after all my years doing MLM and Direct Selling I decided to step away and find a new way to make money online.

E-commerce and selling products online with just a simple copy & paste system was just what I needed, and I Found It.


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I found an online business model where I didn’t have to recruit anyone to make money.

All I had to do was copy and item from Amazon and Sell it on eBay for a Higher Price and Pocket the Profit.

This was something all the big name stores like Walmart were already doing and its called Drop Shipping.


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I hope you realize you have landed in a great page & I hope you do well with any business venture you decide to pursue in the future.


To your Success,

Frank - Network Marketing

-Frank Vigil