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Bee one company has been receiving a lot of attention lately and I thought you should know the truth about this company.

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Bee one Review: The Company

Bee one Company operates on the cash back e-commerce MLM niche and is based out of the UK.

Subash George Manuel runs the bee one company and is the CEO and Director of the company.

However, their address over at London is just a virtual location provided by Regus.

Mr. Subash Manuel runs an International Company that helps people move to Canada and it seems this Bee one company is his first networking company.

Let’s have a look at what product bee one currently offers

Bee one Scam Review: Product Line

The bee one company considers itself as cash back and points based Reward Company.

Here is a description of what the company does:

‘  A  marketplace that allows users to offer, sell and buy just about anything in a variety of pricing formats and locations and also offers cash back, discount, price comparison.’

To be honest, there are no physical products being sold here. Only affiliate membership and the e-commerce platform simply offering discounts from third parties.

Bee One Pyramid Scam Review: Compensation Plan

Bee one has a total of thirteen ranks and to increase your earnings you need the group volume per month.

Each rank has a cap on how much you can earn. Therefore, the higher your rank the higher you monthly earning income.

Commissions are paid in a 50/50 manner. Where fifty percent is paid out in real cash whereas the other fifty is paid out in a “repurchase account”

Retail Commissions

Commissions to affiliates are paid out to affiliates when they refer someone to the e-commerce platform and buys products.

Referral commissions

This type of commission is paid out when affiliates who have been recruited buys any products from the company by themselves.

Here is what the company has to say about referral commissions:

“Referral bonus will also be paid from more levels of referrals based on the product/service sold through the platform. Please check for the number of levels and the percentage and criteria before you make any purchase. Not all products and services have referral bonus attached.”

How to join Bee One Company

To become an active affiliate member at Bee Company you’ll either need to purchase a gold membership for only 49.99 EUR or 199 EUR

My Conclusion and Recommendation

I’ll be honest with you here:

Bee one MLM company is not a scam. What you need to understand before joining this company is that you will need to have proper training on marketing skill.

Unfortunately, bee one company does not offer proper training to their affiliate that’s why most of them grumble in the dark and end up labeling it as a scam.

But wait:

I have good news for you.

After reviewing hundreds of MLM and Networking companies, I found a business model that get is newbie friendly, offers proper training and you can start right way.

In fact, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to join.

I know these sounds too good to be true but just check out the step by step model.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed my bee one review and I hope to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

To your success

Frank Vigil.

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