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You’re smart for doing your due diligence before deciding to invest in a company.

Well, today you’re in for a treat because I’m going to walk you through this companies profile and help you understand what the company does.

Before we continue I’d like to assure you that am not an affiliate or trying to recruit you into this company.

Without further ado.

Is BitCentrix a Scam?

Is it Worth Investing in this MLM Company?

What do I need to take precaution on?

Let’s find out in this BitCentrix review.

BitCentrix Review: Company Profile and Background


Having a look at the official BitCentrix Company there is no information about who is running the Company or when it was established.

I decided to check the domain registration details and found out that the company was registered first on 12th September 2017.

The owner of the domain is registered as Farhan Khan and is located in Punjab, Pakistan.

Farhan Khan is also the owner of and

BitCentrix Review: Products Promoted

Bitcentrix does not sell any products and therefore the affiliates are only left with affiliate membership to promote.

What’s the Compensation Plan for BitCentrix?

Affiliates at Bitcentrix are asked to invest their money so at to get an ROI.

Here are the different investment levels that affiliates are able to choose from:

  • Affiliates that invest between $10 and $200 earn an ROI of 110% in 24 hours
  • Affiliates that invest between $501 and $2500 earn an ROI of 140% in 3 days
  • Affiliates that invest between $2501 and $50,000 earn an ROI of 200% in 10 days

On top of this, the affiliates are able to earn through referral commissions which are paid in a unilevel system.

Cost to Join BitCentrix

Joining BitCentrix is free but if you’re willing to earn you will need invest at least $10

Is BitCentrix a Scam?

I am always honest in my reviews and I would like to highlight that the BitCentrix at this point is not really a scam.

BitCentrix does not have any products to sell therefore the affiliates are only able to sell their recruitment membership to wiling members.

Bitcentrix also claims that the company gets funds from “bitcoin mining and other coin projects(s).” but there is no evidence of this happening.

Look at it this way:

If really BitCentrix has found a way of getting an ROI of 200% why don’t they invest the money themselves? Instead of asking for money from their affiliates.

Bitcentrix is just a Pure Ponzi scheme which will collapse leaving the anonymous admins rich.

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