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If you’ve been paying attention to all the hype especially on social media about Bitqwik it’s a 4×6 matrix gifting system.

Today, you’re in for a good treat as I unveil some very important truths you need to know before Joining Bitqwik.

I am Frank Vigil and I review MLM companies helping you make the right decisions and avoid falling into scams.

I’m not here to recruit you into the company so read to the end to understand what exactly bitqwik.

Is Bitqwick really a Scam?

Is it really worth your attention?

What should I know before Joining Bitqwik?

All this is covered in depth in this Bitqwik review.

Let’s Jump right in.

Bitqwik Review: What Can You Tell Me About Bitqwik?

Bitqwik Scam Review

Checking the Official website for bitqwik ( ) there is no information of who runs the whole show.

Bitqwik has chosen not to state who started the company or where it is located. This is one of the things that immediately raise a red flag in the MLM world.

Why would a company choose to hide such important information which actually helps build credibility in the first place?

Having a look at the domain name registration details, Bitqwik was registered on 23rd June 2017.

After digging deeper into my research I found out that the youtube marketing video on the bitqwik official website known as “Optimus X” owned by a well-known scammer Sherm Mason.

Sherm Mason Has previously built many MLM companies which have collapsed. They Include the Following.

  • Easy Odds
  • Just got Bitcoins
  • 1 Big Bitcoin Team
  • Stack My bits

In 2015, Sherm Mason Built the following Dubious MLM’s which also collapsed:

  • Paradise Payments
  • Magnetic gratitude
  • Summer Fun Matrix
  • Instant Pay Christmas
  • 3× 9 Millionaire Machine

Can You see all these Failed MLM companies by Sherm Mason?

This is another huge red flag.

Will Mason Pull out Bitqwik successfully? Only time will tell.

Let’s dig deeper into the products.

Bitqwik Review: What Products are sold at Bitwik?

Bitqwik operates as a pyramid scheme where the affiliates are only able to promote the affiliate membership itself.

Bitqwik Review: Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan works by affiliates gifting each other by a 4×6 matrix system. What this system does is to place the affiliate on top of the chain under four different positions under him or her.

The Four positions below the affiliate now form the first Matrix then the second level of the matrix has a total of sixteen positions as each position has four people.

The third level is also formed in a similar manner.

See the Picture below.

Bitqwik review

An affiliate who Joins Bitqwik gifts $10 in bitcoin to the recruiter.

The gifting levels work as follows.

2nd Level — Affiliates gift $3 and then earn $3 from sixteen other affiliates

3rd Level — Affiliates gift $3 and then earn $3 from sixty-four other affiliates

4th Level Affiliates gift $3 and then earn $3 from two hundred and fifty-six other affiliates

5th Level — Affiliates gift $3 and then earn $3 from one thousand and twenty-four other affiliates

6th Level — Affiliates gift $3 and then earn $3 from four thousand and ninety-six other affiliates

Bitqwik Review: What’s the Cost to Join Bitqwik?

To Join Bitqwik as an affiliate you will need to gift $10 worth of bitcoins but to be a full member of bitqwik you will need $25 worth of Bitqwik.

Is Bitqwik really a scam?

I’ll be honest with you.

With nothing to sell, this is another scheme by Sherm Mason in the Bitcoin gifting niche.

Mason has been creating a whole bunch of these gifting sites which have collapsed.

Don’t expect this to be different.

But all is not Lost, I can help.

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I hope you enjoyed and learned something in my bitqwik review.

Got any Questions? See you in the comment section.



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