Welcome to my bitwaves review.

Have you heard about this new kid on the block? Bitwave has become so popular among network marketers and I’m glad you have decided to do your due diligence about this company.

Before I continue I’d like to make it clear that am not in any way associated with this MLM Company or trying to recruit you.

I’m here to help you make the right decision.

Is Bitwaves really a scam?

Is it worth your attention?

Without further ado let’s dig deep into this Bitwaves review!

Bitwaves Review:  Background Information

Bitwaves Review

Digging deep into the Bitwaves official Website I found out that the company does not have any background information about who runs the company or where it is based.

Having a look at the domain registration I found out that Bitwaves financial limited was registered on 3rd October 2017.

I found out that Morgan Stevenson is one of the founders and directors. I decided to check all about Morgan Stevenson but there is no information about him.

This left me with the question about his existence and the physical location of Bitwaves.

Bitwaves Scam Review:  Products being sold

Bitwaves does not offer any products for retail to its affiliates but the affiliates are only able to sell the affiliate membership.

Mlm companies which operate like this are likely to be Ponzi scheme because once the affiliate recruitment dies down the company just collapses.

What’s the Compensation Plan for Bit waves MLM Company?

Bitwaves company asks its affiliates to invest their money in order to get a ROI.

There are two major plans that the affiliates can choose from:


  • Starter Plan — Affiliates invest $25 or more and then earn a daily ROI of 4% for 40 days


  • Perfect Plan — Affiliates invest $200 or more and then earn an hour ROI of 0.3% for 450 hours


Affiliates are also able to earn commissions based on the referral commissions.

Payout here is done through a unilevel system and affiliates and paid 6%,2% and 1% depending on their levels.

Cost to Join Bitwave Company

Joining Bitwave Company is free but in order to start earning you will need to invest at least $25 or more.

Final Words on Bitwave Company

I’ll be totally honest with you. Bitwaves is a Ponzi scheme out to get the affiliate recruitment money and the close the doors

I also mentioned about lack of products to sell leaving the customer with just affiliate recruitment to sell.

This is very risky because once the recruitment process dies down the company just closes collapses.

Over the past few years, I have a business opportunity which is newbie friendly and profitable.

I’ll let you bet the judge.

Watch the full Tutorial here.

To your Success.





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