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Is Gold Rush Cash A Scam?

Is it a Legit Business opportunity?

Let’s Jump right into the business of the day.

Gold Rush Cash Review: The Company

gold rush cash review


Gold Rush Cash Company raises a red flag very early.

It does not provide us with any information about who runs the company or where it is even located.

A good explanation to this is that if anything happens to the company and it fails no one will be blamed or traced.

I personally would advise you to tread carefully on MLM companies which are incognito when it comes to who runs the company.

Let’s move on to the Product Line

 Gold Rush Cash Review: Product Line

I have noticed that the companies which don’t have their background information often don’t offer physical products to sell.

This is the same case with Gold Rush Cash.

Gold Rush Cash doesn’t offer any physical products to their affiliates but they can promote the membership.

In Simple terms, Gold Rush Cash is a recruiting business.

The More people you recruit the more money you make.

What’s the Compensation Plan for Gold Rush Cash MLM Company?

To be a member of Gold rush Cash Company, you need to Invest into a four tier 2×2 Matrix System.

The Matrix System for this company starts with a purchase plan of $100.

Here is the general Compensation Plan:

  • Matrix 1 pays a commission of $100 and cycles members into Matrix 2
  • The second Matrix pays a commission of $700 and cycles members into Matrix 3
  • Third Matrix pays a commission of $1000 and cycles members into Matrix 4
  • Fourth pays a commission of $3900 and generates a brand new position within Matrix 1

Once all the four positions are filled, a cycle is triggered leading to paying of the affiliates.

How Much Does it cost To Join Gold rush cash?

Almost 90% of the MLM companies need you to pay a certain amount to join.

But for Gold rush cash, it is free to join.

Final Thoughts on Gold Rush Cash MLM Company

There are a lot of reviews out there claiming Gold rush cash is a scam straight away just to try to sell you something.

But I’ll you this:

Gold Rush Cash is not completely a Scam.

However, you need to tread carefully.

My Recommendation

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I hope you enjoyed this Gold rush cash review.

See you at the Top.

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