Welcome to my Hyten global review.

Hyten global has been getting a lot of attention, especially on social media by affiliate pitching every time.

Well, today you made a good decision to read this detailed Hyten global review before deciding to invest your hard earned money and time.

I’m frank vigil and I review MLM business opportunities to help you make the right decision.

Before I start, I’d like you to get this  straight. I’m not an affiliate or in any way involved with Hyten global.

Is Hyten global even worth your time?

Is it a Scam?

Let’s get started.

Hyten Global Review: Hyten global Background Information.

Hyten global review

Website – hytenglobal.com

Taking a look at the Hyten global website FAQ section, I found that it is a “transition from Hop Rocket”

The transition took place around December 2016.

Taking a look at the domain registration details, the domain name (hytenglobal.com) was registered on 14th October 2016.

The Hyten global leaders are is Tim Richerson (CEO), Tuffy Baum (President) and David Price (International President) as co-founders of the company.

When Hyten global came into the MLM scene, here’s what Tim Richerson had to say:

“We knew through our research that nine out of ten people dream of traveling the world. So based on that we created the absolute best travel product and booking engine in the industry.

But we also knew that there’d come a day that to have a complete lifestyle company, we would need other components. So I’m here to talk to you about those other components that we’re going to offer.

Introducing: Hyten Global.”

Richerson also claims to have the following qualifications.

30+ years of vast and varied experience that comprises consumer, financial, and web based companies both in the public and private sector.”

Today, the Hop rocket domain has been redirected to hyten global.

Hyten Global Review: What are the Products offered at Hyten Global?

Hyten global offers booking services for travel and nutritional supplements.

Some of the Nutritional Supplements Sold by Hyten global Include:


  • KetoBoost — This is a “delicious peach mango drink mix that supplies y our body with exogenous ketones that work as a fat burning formula” that has a retail price of $120 for a box of thirty individual serving sticks.
  • Pure Recovery — A, “natural cur cumin based product…helps you recover from day-to-day join and muscle stiffness” that has a retail price of $95 for a box that contains sixty-five capsules.
  • Dream Easy — Finally, this product is, “a natural herbal sleep aid, containing Valerian root, Zea Mays Monocot Powder and lavender” that has a retail price of $60 for thirty capsules that come in one box.

Other Packages Include:


  • KetoBoost Challenge Kit — Includes KetoBoost, a magazine, water bottle, t-shirt, and postcard for the price of $146.05.
  • Hyten Body System 2.0 — Includes KetoBoost, Pure Recovery, and Dream Easy for the price of $227.

Hyten Global travel booking engine is paid yearly and is as Follows:

  • Basic Membership Costs – $47/yr
  • Plus Options Costs -$97/yr
  • Premium – One-Time Fee of $297 and $57 that needs to paid every four weeks.

Hyten Global Review: What’s the Compensation Plan?

When it comes to the compensation plan the affiliates are required to first earn through MLM commission before earning

It’s also worth noting that the affiliates are paid in a Unilevel commission manner.

Here’s a PDF explaining clearly the compensation plan. (https://cdn.hytenglobal.com/resources/20020/resource.pdf)

Hyten Global Review: What’s the Cost to Join?

To Join Hyten global you’ll need to pay $50/yr.

Is Hyten Global a Scam?

I will be straight honest with you as always.

The travel discount subscription is operating as a pyramid scheme.( This was how Hop rocket was operating)

But it’s great to see Hyten global having some additional products. But the products are quite common in the nutritional MLM niche.

What I would advise you before joining is that you should consult you’re up line and know if there is a good market for the products. If there is a good market for the products, feel free to join.

After Reviewing Hundreds of MLM business opportunities, here’s what I recommend.

It’s a step by step Tutorial which will help you be on your way to the top.


I hope you enjoyed My Hyten global Review




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