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Master coin plus has been receiving a lot of hype, especially on social media.

You’re Smart for taking your time to research and learn more about Mastercoin plus.

I always advise people who want to join a business to research about it first.

By reading this master coin plus review you’re already researching it from a trusted source. I provide an unbiased review of MLM opportunities on the Internet and give my honest opinions about them.

I would also like to clarify that I’m not an affiliate or trying to recruit you into this MLM company.

Is MasterCoin Plus really worth your attention?

What should I know about this company?

Is it a Scam?

Make sure to read to the end and have all these answers answered.

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MasterCoin Plus Review: What the heck is Master Coin Plus?

master coin plus review

According to the official website of MasterCoin Plus, the CEO of this MLM Company is Thomas Armour.

Master Coin Plus also operates in the cryptocurrency niche.

The CEO, Thomas Armour resides in Florida in the United States.

Thomas is not new in the MLM scene before Mastercoin Plus he was the president of Yocoin. Yocoin is a pump and dump altcoin where affiliates invested up to $2000.

Today, the value of the altcoin is just 0.3Cents.

I also decided to check his linked profile where he identifies himself as an “internationally recognized keynote speaker, author, coach, sales trainer, and educator.”

Armour has also promoted Gameloot network, Magic 10 marketing, and Saivan as an affiliate.


Master Coin Plus Review: What are the Products offered at Master Coin?

Master Coin Plus does not really have any products or Services to offer.

The only thing that the affiliates are able to promote is the affiliate membership. It’s also worth noting that the affiliates are to invest funds and get a ROI after 120 days.

The affiliates also have an opportunity to invest in “Master Coin Plus University” Which reportedly explains to the “golden cryptocurrency rules”

Master Coin Plus Review: Compensation Plan

Once an affiliate joins master coin plus they have an option of investing between 0.0625BTC and 32BTC.

These Investments are in different levels each promising a ROI after 120 days.

Apart from the ROI, the affiliates are able to earn through residual commissions.

Here’s what the affiliate earn according to their investments. The more you invest the more you earn while the payment is done in a binary form.


  • Invest 0.625 BTC and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 0.15 BTC a day and/or 3 BTC a month
  • Affilliate Invests 0.125 BTC and receives a 8% binary commission, capped at 0.25 BTC a day and/or 7 BTC a month
  • Invest 0.25 BTC and receive a 9% binary commission, capped at 0.5 BTC a day and/or 15 BTC a month
  • Invest 0.5 BTC and receive a 10% binary commission, capped at 1 BTC a day and/or 30 BTC a month
  • Affiliate Invests 1 BTC and receives a 12% binary commission, capped at 2 BTC a day and/or 60 BTC a month
  • Invest 2 BTC and receive a 14% binary commission, capped at 4 BTC a day and/or 120 BTC a month
  • Invest 4 BTC and receive a 16% binary commission, capped at 8 BTC a day and/or 240 BTC a month
  • Invest 8 BTC and receive a 18% binary commission, capped at 16 BTC a day and/or 480 BTC a month
  • Invest 16 BTC and receive a 19% binary commission, capped at 32 BTC a day and/or 960 BTC a month
  •  Affiliate Invests 32 BTC and receives a 20% binary commission, capped at 64 BTC a day and/or 1920 BTC a month

master coin plus review

Master Coin Plus Review: What’s the Cost to Join Master Coin Plus?

Joining Master coin plus will require 0.0625BTC and 32BTC.

Is Master Coin Plus a Scam?

Master Coin Plus promises their affiliates a ROI after 120 days.

But here’s the thing, there is no mining that’s taking place.

What Master Coin Plus uses to pay the ROI is the money invested by the affiliates.

With no products to sell this is a disaster once the recruitment process dies down.

But all is not lost if you’re looking for a business opportunity that works.

My Recommendation

After reviewing hundreds of MLM opportunities here’s what I highly recommend.


That’s all for master coin plus review.

Any questions? see you in the comment section.



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