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Osmium center has been receiving a lot of attention especially from the affiliates hype on social media and other online platforms.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that someone has already pitched you. Today, you’re in for a treat because I’m going to walk you through all what you need to know.

Is Osmium Center a Scam?

Is it worth investing in this MLM Company?

What precautions should I consider?

Let’s get the ball rolling:

Osmium Center Review: The Background Information

Osmium center review

Hoping into osmium center website, I didn’t manage to find any information regarding who runs the company or when it was established.

Still, in search for the owners of Osmium center, I decided to check the domain name registration details.

It was registered on 17th November 2017 but privately.

On Facebook, Osmium center has a group which was created by David Mandison but having a look at his account it seems like a pseudo account.

I also noticed that Osmium center website is identical to laser online which operates as a Ponzi scheme in Ukraine.

By now I can conclude that David Mandison and Osmium center has no physical address at all.

Why would a legit company choose to hide such crucial details which build credibility?

Let’s have a look at the product line.

Osmium Center Review: The Product line

Osmium Center does not have any products to sell to its affiliates. However, the affiliates are able to promote the affiliate membership and earn commissions.

The more people you recruit into osmium center, the more money you’ll make.

Most of the Ponzi schemes do not have any products to promote.

Osmium Center Scam Review: How are Affiliates compensated?

Affiliates at Osmium center are asked to invest money to get a 15% ROI for ten days.

On top of this, the affiliates are able to earn a referral commission of 5% on level one and 3% on level two.

How much do you need to join Osmium Center?

Joining Osmium Center is free and you can earn referral commissions but in order to earn an ROI, you will need to invest at least $5.

What can you conclude about Osmium center?

I always advise people looking to invest in an online opportunity to always take precaution when dealing with anonymous admins.

Failing to openly tell us who the admins are is one of the huge red flags osmium center has shown. Secondly, osmium center claims that it’s

“the holder of shares of large factories producing and processing expensive metals. We also deal with the purchase and sale of metals themselves.”

But there is no evidence of any of this taking place.

Osmium Center gets most of the money from the affiliates and later they are paid out to the affiliates again.

To cut the chase, osmium center operates as a Ponzi scheme.

Finally, once the recruitment process dies down the anonymous admins will carry the day while the investors remain poor.

Frank, what do you recommend?

I’m not here to sell you anything. But I always receive a lot of emails about what I would recommend for a complete newbie and a person looking to invest in a reliable online business opportunity.

I’ll let you be the Judge.


See you at the top




Frank Vigil.


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