Welcome to my power mining pool review!

Power mining pool has been receiving a lot of attention, especially on social media. Affiliates have been pitching every now and then.

I know you’re curious to know what this MLM is all about.

In this detailed power mining pool review, I will be highlighting what you need to know before joining this company.

First things first, I’d like to make it clear that am not in any way affiliated with this company.

I’m here to provide my honest and unbiased review.

Is power mining pool MLM company a scam?

What do I need to know before joining this company?

Let’s have a look at the company’s profile

Power Mining Pool Review: Background Information


Power mining pool is a MLM company which mainly focuses on cryptocurrency trading and mining. According to the official website, power mining pool is run by Andrew and Mike Conti.

I decided to dig deeper into the registration details and found that the company is hosted in France. Andrew and Mike Conti are represented by cartoon Avatars instead of their real photos.

This is somewhat fishy, why would they fail to put up their real photos which would build credibility to the company.

I did not manage to get any other information regarding this two men and my suspicion is that these two men don’t exist.

Let’s continue to dig deeper into the product line.

Power mining pool Review: The Product Line

Having a look at product line, unfortunately, there is no retail sales activity for the affiliates.

However, the affiliates for power mining pool are only able to promote their membership.

What’s the compensation plan for Power mining Pool?

Power mining pool affiliates have a chance of getting a ROI of 70 EUR after investing 50 EUR alongside with the referral commissions. They are paid in a Unilevel payment system.

Here’s a breakdown of the how the referral commissions are paid out:

  • Earn a 10% referral commission from Level 1
  • Earn a 5% referral commission from Level 2
  • Earn a 4% referral commission from Level 3
  • Earn a 3% referral commission from Level 4
  • Earn a 2% referral commission from Level 5
  • Earn a 1% referral commission from Levels 6 through 10

How Much do you need to Join Power Pool Mining?

Joining Power pool mining is free but if you need to earn you will need to an initial payment of  99 EUR and an investment of 50 EUR.

What Can You really Conclude Concerning Power Pool Mining?

I will be totally honest with you.

Similar to other companies in the cryptocurrency niche, Power pool mining claims to generate funds through cryptocurrency trading.

It’s possible to run a company and generate ROI through Cryptocurrency trading but Power pool mining company does not show us evidence of how it does that.

If the company has found a way of investing 50 EUR and getting a ROI of 70 EUR why are they pushing affiliates to invest money in the system?

Instead, they would just invest as much as possible and keep the profits.

The truth is, power pool mining is a Ponzi scheme which just relies on the investment made by the affiliates to pay the ROI.

What do you recommend Frank?

I get it.

There are a lot of MLM companies and Business opportunities out there and you may be wondering which is real and which one is fake.

After reviewing different MLM companies, I found a new business opportunity that is not only newbies friendly but also profitable.


See you in the comment section.

To your success.





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