Are you searching for Spey Invest review?

I’m here to set the record straight for this MLM business opportunity.

As you have noticed this Company has been getting a lot of attention especially on social media by the affiliates trying to recruit people.

Spey invest is in the trending Cryptocurrency niche.

Before we dig deeper into the review, I’d like to make it clear am not in any way affiliated with the company. Just here to provide my unbiased Spey invest review.

Is Spey Invest worth Investing in?

Is it a scam?

What should I know before Joining this MLM?

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Spey Invest Review: What is Spey Invest?

Spey Invest review

As earlier mentioned, Spy Invest operates in the cryptocurrency niche where they claim to trade bitcoins and litcoins using the trading software.

Having a look at their website, I must admit it looks professional. I believe the looks can be deceiving that’s why many Investors blindly invest.

There is a greeting message once you open their website that “set up in 2014 as the pilot online project for trading business by a group of enthusiasts head by Daniil Solopov.

Despite the relatively young age of the Company, SPEY INVEST LTD has become well known to field-specific experts in Great Britain and also abroad as soon as one and a half years of its activity.”

I’ll be straight honest with you. I’ve never heard of Spey Invest before.

I decided to check Daniil Solopov personal pages on Facebook and Linkedin, Unfortunately, I didn’t any information that proves he is indeed a real person.

Digging deeper into the “About Us” Page on the Spey Invest website, there is a photo that is supposed to be Solopov.

The image was sourced from Shutterstock.

So far this company raises a lot of red flags.

Why would you invest your money to anonymous admins?

Let’s dig deeper.

Spey Invest Review: What are the products sold at Spey Invest?

Spey Invest has no products or services. However, the affiliates are only able to promote the affiliate membership.

Spy Invest Compensation Plan

In order to earn money in spy Invest, you’ll need to Invest Money for a ROI promise. The more you invest the more money you earn.

The three levels are categorized as follows:


  • Silver — Affiliates who invest between $10 and $99 earn a daily ROI of 1% for 200 days
  • Gold — Affiliates who invest between $100 and $9999 earn a daily ROI of 1.2% for 250 days
  • Platinum — Affiliates who invest between $10,000 and $50,000 earn a daily ROI of 1.4% for 300 days

Affiliates can also earn referral commissions which are paid out in a uni-level system.

Spey Invest Review: How much to join Spey Invest?

Joining Spey Invest is free but you will need to invest $10 to see all that spey invest has to offer.

Is Spey Invest Really a Scam?

The Idea behind Spey Invest is to cryptocurrency trading but there is no activity or crypto currency that is going on.

What happens is that Spey Invest uses the invested funds by affiliates to pay the investors and since there are no products or services to sell once the recruitment process dies down the company will be on its way down.

The collapse of such Ponzi schemes sees many affiliates lose their money and the anonymous admins bag all the money home.

My Recommendation

After reviewing hundreds of MLM opportunities, I have a business opportunity that I have tried and tested.


It’s something that I have not seen other people promote but It’s well worth giving a try.

Trust me.

See you at the Top.




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