Have you seen all the hype on social media about true vine net connect?

You’re about to read a detailed true vine net connect review.

First things first, I’m not an affiliate or trying to recruit you into true vine net connect.

I provide honest MLM review and help you make sound decisions.

Is true vine net connect a scam?

Is it worth to invest time and money into the company?

Well, let’s find out!

True Vine Net Connect Review:  Company Profile

True Vine Net connect Review

Since no information on who runs the company, I decided to hop into the domain name registration.

I found out that the company was registered on April 5th, 2017 by Adebayo Samuel from McElyon Nigeria Limited.

The Registration was done in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Mc Elyon is a wood Company in Nigeria and it has nothing to do with MLM.

True Vine Net Connect Scam Review: Product Line

Taking a look at the Product line, true vine net connect disappoints.

There are no products that the affiliates sell. However, they promote affiliate membership to interested people.

True Vine connect claims to offer the recruits “business training and financial management seminars.” But there is no detailed information about these seminars.

True vine net connect Review: The Compensation Plan

When it comes to the compensation plan, the affiliates gift the Nigerian Naira by a 3*3 matrix system.

Here is how the 3*3 matrix works:

It places the affiliate on top and other three affiliates directly under you. These first positions form the first level of the matrix.

The second level of the matrix is formed by splitting these three levels into other three positions.

This totals to a number of 9 positions.

The third level of the matrix is formed in the same manner housing 27 positions.

Before joining the affiliate membership, you must gift a total of ₦5000 (the equivalent of $15.88 USD) to the person who recruited you.

These now gets you into a brand new 3*3 matrix.

Once you are in, you can now earn ₦5000 from each of the affiliates at the three down lines.

To Join the Second Matrix, you need to gift ₦15,000 ($47.66USD). Gifting this amount allows you to receive a total of ₦15,000 to other nine people who are right below you.

To join the last level you need to gift a total of ₦50,000 ($158.86 USD) and gets you in a position to receive twenty-six ₦50,000 paid.

True vine net connect Review

How Much does it Cost To Join True Vine Connect?

To Join True vine connect You will need a total of ₦5000 and for the Full Participation, you will need to pay ₦70,000.

Is True Vine Connect a Scam?

Right off the bat, the company claims that it will not be responsible for your failure.

The cash gifting in Nigeria is not new in Nigeria.

Since the Failure of MMM Nigeria, I would urge you to tread carefully with this company.

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