Ultimate Bitcoin Builder Review – Is it a Scam or a Legit Company?


Welcome to my Ultimate Bitcoin Builder review.

I’m sure you have noticed all the hype on social media about Ultimate bitcoin builder.

Or maybe an affiliate has approached you concerning this MLM company.

You’ve made a smart decision to read this ultimate bitcoin builder review.

Before I continue, I want to make this clear that am not in any way affiliated with this company and am just here to provide my honest review to help you make the best decision.

With that being said, let’s get down into the business of the day- The Ultimate Bitcoin builder review

Ultimate Bitcoin builder review – The Company

ultimate bitcoin builder review

Website – ultimatebitcoinbuilder.com

Hoping into the website there is no information of who runs the company.

I checked their website domain registration and found that it was registered on 3rd March 2017 but unfortunately it was registered privately.

Ultimate Bitcoin Builder has a Facebook group for its members but once again the admin has what I would call a Pseudo account.

There is no much information about the owner.

Why would a company hide the information of who runs the company?

This is fishy.

Well, let’s look at the products.

Ultimate Bitcoin Builder: Product Line

Ultimate bitcoin builder disappoints once again.

They have no physical products to promote but the affiliates can promote the affiliate membership.

Here is how it works:

When someone decides to join the company they are given an option to buy the positions within matrix cycle in order to participate in the income opportunity.

The subscriptions come bundled with ad credits which are displayed on the company’s website.

Let’s now look at the Compensation plan.

Ultimate Bitcoin Builder Review: What is the Compensation Plan?

The compensation plan works by Purchasing 0.02 BTC matrix cycler positions and feeds the affiliates in a five tier set up every day for ten days.

  • First Tier — Affiliates earn a 0.001 BTC commission after cycling out of a 4×1 matrix and move into Tier 2
  • Second Tier — Affiliates earn a 0.004 BTC commission after cycling out of a 4×1 matrix and move into Tier 3 while also generating a new Tier 1 spot
  • Third Tier — Affiliates earn a 0.006 BTC commission after cycling out of a 4×1 matrix and move into Tier 4 while also generating a new Tier 1 spot
  • Fourth Tier — Affiliates earn 0.01 BTC commission after cycling out of a 3×1 matrix and move into Tier 5 while also generating a new Tier 1 spot
  • Fifth Tier — Affiliates earn a 0.12 BTC commissions after cycling out of a 2×1 matrix and generate a new Tier 1 spot.

What does is it Cost to Join?

In order to join the company and get paid you’ll need to at least invest in 0.02 BTC.

Conclusion about this MLM Company and Recommendation

I always say this:

If an MLM company is not straight forward about who runs the company, you should approach it with caution.

Ultimate bitcoin builder is not completely a scam, but you need to be very careful.

You see, getting involved in an MLM company without the proper skills and knowledge on how to be successful is just grumbling in the dark.

After reviewing hundreds here is an opportunity I highly recommend if you’re looking a reputable online business.

It’s completely newbie friendly and I personally guarantee results.

I hope you enjoyed the ultimate bitcoin builder review.

See you at the top

Frank Vigil

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